Eternity Earring

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Here's a bright idea: Accent your beloved Lilly print with these show-stopping doorknocker earrings. A tempting mix of golden metal and bamboo-themed circles, they evoke the beauty of a sun-dappled tropical paradise. As if the size and sheen weren't pretty enough, they glimmer even more thanks to rhinestone accents glittering along the curves.

Complements, Please: When your hair's up, these statement earrings really shine. It's also kind of fun to let them play peek-a-boo through the waves of beach-tousled hair.

Metal Bamboo Doorknocker Earrings With Rhinestone Accents.
Measures 2-1/2″ L.
Gold Metal.

Please Note: Jewelry Is Packaged In One Of Our Custom Printed Pouches. Bag Print Varies With Purchase.

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